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Our Product

Today's "green energy" market is flooded with solutions in which the energy cost (per Watt) is too high and the energy output (in Watt hours) per square foot is too low. Moreover, installation cost is too high.

By concentrating solar energy and trapping heat, the Sol-IR solar cell dramatically reduces total cost and increase reliability by producing higher efficiencies at wider temperature ranges and broader solar angles.


SOL-IR advantage


Name Description Key Advantage
Sol-Bright Patented Solar Concentrator 500 X Solar Concentration
Sol-Dry Patented Hermetic Sealing Environmental Protection
Sol-Power Space Age Semiconductor PV Cell High Power Output
Sol-Cool Patented Solar Cell Cooling Process Optimizes Efficiency
  Patented Electrical Connection Process At Cell High Reliability
Sol-Efficient Licensed Active Power Control (APC) Monitoring
  Patented Solar Cell Construction Process up to 35% Efficiency

The Sol-IR solution possesses several key competitive advantages over the market competition including lower cost per watt hour, more watts per square foot, and being lightweight with easy installation and no tracking system required.

Why Sol-IR?


peak efficiency   covering   multi-junction photovoltaic

photovoltaic solar cell

+ Patented Optical/Thermal Control
Construction Process
= Peak Efficiency 34%
Concentrator Solar Cells


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